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Sacred Knots Dreadlock Hair Wrap

Handmade Vegan Dreadlock Hair Wrap by Sacred Knots (Pastel Clip-In)

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Created by Nef here at the Sacred Knots studio, this hair wrap is a riot of bright colours and features a tiny coin charm and a floral glass pendant. This hair wrap clips into loose hair.

This hair wrap is approximately 13"/34cm long and clips into loose hair using a weft clip.


How to Install on Loose Hair

To install this hair wrap into loose hair, simply clip into your hair.

Hairwraps with large trinkets, crystal cages and motifs should always be removed before you sleep to keep you comfortable.


Caring for Your Hair Wrap

Like all dreadlock decorations, it is best to remove your hair wraps before you wash your hair. Simply loosen the loop of the hair wrap and slide down the dreadlock. To keep your hair wrap in the best condition it is advised to remove the hair wrap before washing. It's always best to remove hair wraps with large charms or decorations before you sleep as well.



All Sacred Knots hair wraps are created from vegan materials such as acrylic yarns, cotton, fabrics as well as beads, charms and jewellery components to create a completely unique piece of art for your hair!