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Earthly Odds Dreadlock Hair Wrap
Earthly Odds Dreadlock Hair Wrap

Handmade Vegan Dreadlock Hair Wrap by Earthly Odds (Spearmint)

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Whimsical fairy creator Earthly Odds has created a special collection of 20 dreadlock hair wraps exclusively for Sacred Knots! These beautiful works of art are completely unique and filled with beautiful details.

These hair wraps are mounted on elastic meaning that they are extremely easy to install and remove from both dreadlocks and loose hair.

 This hair wrap is approximately 19"/48cm long.


How to Install on Dreadlocks

Installing a hair wrap onto dreadlocks is easy! Just fold the elastic back onto the hair wrap to form a loop, then pull your chosen dreadlock through the loop.

how to install a dreadlock hair wrap


Move the hair wrap up towards the top of your dreadlock and then tighten the loop. It's as easy as that!

In order to keep your dreadlocks safe, it is advised that you install hair wraps below any loose growth on your dreadlocks, meaning that the roots remain undisturbed and the hair wrap won't get tangled into your hair.

Please do not install hair wraps into the root of your dreadlock because this can impact the integrity of your dreadlock. Instead, place the hair wrap around 1-2" below the looser hair at the top of your dreadlock.  Don't forget to remove your hair wraps before you wash your dreadlocks!

How to Install on Loose Hair

To install a hair wrap into loose hair, simply section off a square of hair, divide the hair in two and thread one section of hair through the elastic loop at the top of the hair wrap. Pull this loop up to your scalp before braiding the two sections of hair tightly down the hair wrap. Secure with a rubber hair band. You can wear a hair wrap in loose hair for between 4-6 weeks depending on your hair type. Keep an eye on your hair wrap to ensure that the new hair growth does not begin to form a dreadlock! When it's time to remove the hair wrap, simply snip the rubber band gently, unbraid the hair and brush out.


Caring for Your Hair Wrap

Like all dreadlock decorations, it is best to remove your hair wraps before you wash your hair. Simply loosen the loop of the hair wrap and slide down the dreadlock. To keep your hair wrap in the best condition it is advised to remove the hair wrap before washing.



All Earthly Odds hair wraps are created from vegan materials such as acrylic yarns, cotton, fabrics and up-cycled beads, charms and jewellery components to create a completely unique piece of art for your hair!