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Spiralock original bendable dreadlock tie 60cm

Spiralocks Original Bendable Dreadlock Hair Tie - 60cm - Grey Floral

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Sacred Knots is an official UK stockist of Spiralocks - the original bendable dreadlock tie!


These amazing inventions are perfect if you have dreadlocks! Unbend the tie and place it underneath your dreadlocks. Then simply bend the tie around your dreads for a comfortable, secure hold.

This is a genuine Spiralock, which means that it was made by women living in Gunu Village on Naviti Island, which is around 6 hours away from Fiji! These ladies are paid a fair wage to create Spiralocks, meaning that they are empowered to help improve the conditions for their families and themselves.

Spiralocks come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit different types of dreadlock hairstyles. Try a 60cm Spiralock for use with large sets of partial dreads, or if you have a full head of long or mature dreadlocks. We also stock 40cm and 50cm long Spiralocks for smaller amounts of dreadlocks or for doing half-up, half-down looks.


How to Use

Uncoil your Spiralock and flick your dreads over your face. Place the Spiralock where you would normally want your hairband to go, and then gently bend it around your dreadlocks. It will firmly hold your dreads in place!

When you're not wearing it, you can wrap your Spiralock around your wrist to keep it safe.

Caring for your Spiralock

  • Please don't bend your spiralock in anything other than a gentle curve to preserve it's wire core.
  • If your Spiralock gets dirty, gently sponge clean with a damp cloth.
  • Please don't take your Spiralock swimming!