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Dreadlock Services

Sacred Knots is a Seienstyle-trained dreadlock studio, meaning you are offered a professional service in a friendly and welcoming private studio. 

When you first begin to realise that you want to experience a shift in how you both look and feel, it can feel a little uncomfortable. Many of us wait for years to finally realise that it's time to grow into who you have always wanted to be. Often, we have longed for our dreadlocks for many years, and sooner or later, the desire becomes so strong that its voice grows greater than the opinions of those around us and we are finally ready to take the leap and do something just for ourselves.

Perhaps for you, considering to dreadlock your hair represents a shift in your life - a new chapter, so to speak. Maybe it's a beacon of your own strength and resilience in the face of adversity. The paths that lead individuals to want to wear dreadlocks vary massively but they are often characterised with resilience and strength. Know that in wearing your dreadlocks proudly, you join a group of strong, diverse individuals who believe in the right to creatively express themselves, who understand that the strength we feel is earned through overcoming challenges. Most of all, you show the world that you place value in the dreams and desires of your heart and are not afraid to fulfil them. 

The saying goes that 'your hair is the crown you never take off' and I believe there is some truth to that statement! There is immense power in deciding to finally align how you appear on the outside with how you feel inside - deciding to take the step to wear dreadlocks can be a transformative and exciting experience that helps you take a step closer to your most authentic self. Investing in yourself in this way sends a powerful message to your subconscious - this is who I am, and I deserve to fulfil my dreams and desires! I believe that no investment into yourself is too great, and that those who invest in themselves are richly rewarded with a peace and confidence in who they are. Deciding to honour your desires and investing in your dream hair can be a big commitment, but trust me. You are absolutely worth it. 


Dreadlock services offered at Sacred Knots: 


Full head of dreadlocks with extensions - From £750


Dreaming of a full head of long, luscious dreadlocks? This is the option for you! Your natural hair is dreadlocked and then additional hair is used to extend your dreadlocks further. 
Learn more about this service here

Partial dreadlocks with extensions - From £350

Partial dreadlocks are a great choice if you want to test out whether you enjoy wearing dreadlocks. They can be easily hidden under your loose hair if required, or shown off with different hairstyles. Choose extended partial dreadlocks If your hair is longer and you'd like your dreadlocks to peek out underneath your loose hair, or if you would like your dread hawk to have more of an impact to truly rock the viking look!
Learn more about this service here


Full head of dreadlocks on your own hair - From £300


If your hair is at least shoulder-length, then creating dreadlocks on your own hair is a great choice, allowing you to experience all stages of the dreadlock journey!
Learn more about this service here


Partial dreadlocks on your own hair - From £150

If your hair is at least shoulder-length, then you can have dreadlocks created from only your own hair. Partial dreadlocks are ideal if you want to rock the dread hawk look, or if you like the idea of stealthy, peekaboo dreadlocks partially hidden under your loose hair.
Learn more about this service here


Extending existing dreadlocks - From £500

If you already have dreadlocks but want them to be longer, Sacred Knots can help! This service includes full maintenance on your existing dreadlocks before they are extended.
Learn more about this service here


Maintenance on your dreadlocks - From £120

In need of a tidy up? Sacred Knots uses the Seienstyle method of maintenance to get your dreadlocks back in order. Maintenance is recommended every 2-3 months depending on your individual preference for neatness!
Learn more about this service here


Adding loose, flowy tips to your dreadlocks - From £250

If you want a soft, feminine look for your dreadlocks, or have partial dreadlocks you would like to blend in better with your loose hair, then adding loose flowing tips to your dreadlocks can help you achieve these goals!
Learn more about this service here


Custom full-head set of 40 double-ended synthetic dreadlocks - From £400

Want to change your hair without committing to dreadlocks? Sacred Knots can create you a completely custom set of realistic-looking synthetic dreadlocks that can be braided into your loose hair and reused again and again!
Learn more about this service here


Custom partial set of synthetic dreadlocks - From £100 

If you would like to wear a temporary set of realistic-looking synthetic dreadlocks, Sacred Knots can create you a completely custom set! Synthetic dreadlocks can be braided into loose hair or installed into existing dreadlocks for added colour and volume without the commitment. 
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Installation of existing synthetic dreadlocks - From £75


Already have a set of synthetic dreadlocks? Don't struggle to self-install them! 
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