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Palm-Rolling Your Dreadlocks

Seienstyle dreadlocks have a beautiful, regular appearance to them. Whilst they might have some loops, bumps or other characteristics, the overall impression is one of neatness and a regularity to the length that sets them apart from other dreadlocks.


Part of the reason for this is that we encourage our clients to commit to palm-rolling their dreadlocks once a week after washing their hair. You want to ensure you do this after you have washed your hair and squeezed most of the water out of your dreadlocks. Next, take a dreadlock between the palms of your hands and then roll it, applying pressure with your hands. You should feel a band of heat on your hands when you try this without a dreadlock; that's exactly where you want to place the dreadlock when palm rolling for maximum effect. You can also at this point take the dreadlock between your fingers and pull it gently from your scalp to the tip, straightening it out. This will help reduce the shrinkage that can happen as your dreadlocks mature because it straightens out the individual hairs and helps to prevent them from folding up into themselves.

A great video demonstrating the palm-rolling technique can be found below.



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