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Natural Dreadlock Care Guide


Looking after natural dreadlocks isn't difficult, it's just different! Here is the Sacred Knots 6-step process to looking after your newly installed dreadlocks.


1. Separating Your Dreadlocks

In order to keep your scalp and dreadlocks healthy and comfortable, it's important to regularly check that the dreads are not growing together. This is especially important if you have partial dreadlocks! Learn more about separating your dreadlocks here.


2. Washing Your Dreadlocks

Washing your dreadlocks is the main way you can take care of your new dreadlocks. You can learn more about this process here


3. Palm-Rolling Your Dreadlocks

Palm-rolling is an important part of caring for your dreadlocks that is often overlooked. This is something you should be committed to doing on a weekly basis after you have washed your hair. You can learn more about palm-rolling here.


4. Drying Your Dreadlocks

Ensuring you dry your dreadlocks properly is the third part of fantastic dreadlock care! You can learn more about how to do this here


5. Deep Cleaning Your Dreadlocks

Once your dreadlocks have reached 6 months of age, they are well on the way to maturity. At this point, it's a great idea to introduce regular deep cleaning into your dreadlock care routine. Learn how to do this safely here


6. Regular Maintenance on Your Dreadlocks

Now, maintenance frequency can be a personal preference, but if you want to achieve beautiful, Seienstyle dreadlocks, then regular maintenance is essential. You can learn more about the benefits of regular maintenance here