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About Sacred Knots

Sacred Knots was founded by Nef Powell and intended to provide a professional answer to the difficulty of finding quality dreadlock creation and care. Nef is recognised as a Seienstyle affiliate, meaning that she has completed the highest level of training possible with Seienstyle

In the summer of 2017 Sacred Knots came into being, although its roots are a little older than that. Initially intended as a place to share Nef's love of handmade crochet and all things knotted, such as tie-dye, Sacred Knots evolved into a different direction that aligned much more closely with Nef's desire to create beautiful dreadlocks and connect with wonderful people.

After training with BeeJam in October 2018, Nef decided to learn as much as she could about dreadlocks; the flame was lit and the scene was set for the future of Sacred Knots: to become a passionate advocate for professionalism within the dreadlock industry through better training, greater knowledge and the best dreadlock care products around.



Throughout 2019, Nef has continued to work with some of the most experienced individuals working in the field. She committed to training with world-renowned Swedish dreadlock salon Seienstyle, and even spent time in Stockholm training one-to-one with Ann-Marie Christell of Seienstyle and attending training by other worldwide advocates of professional dreadlock care such as Dollylocks founder Alin Leslie and the owner of Dreadshop, Renate Meijnders.



In August 2019, after relocating with her family to Scotland, Nef set up a private dreadlock studio in Edinburgh in order to better serve her clients. The Sacred Knots studio is designed to offer a professional and calm environment that supports the creation of beautiful dreadlocks.



The additional space has also meant that Nef is able to hold a greater range of dreadlock care products in stock to ensure that clients and online customers alike have access to the best products from around the world. 

Additionally, in late 2019, Sacred Knots will be participating in the pilot of a comprehensive training course on the creation, installation and styling of synthetic dreadlocks and braiding run by Renate from Dreadshop, in order to better serve clients who wish to express themselves in this way.