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About your Dreadlock Artist

Hello! My name is Nef, and I am the owner of Sacred Knots.

I'm a professional dreadlock artist and I love to help my clients achieve their dream dreadlocks from my private studio based in Edinburgh, UK.


Because of my passion for creating beautiful dreadlocks, I have chosen to study under Ann-Marie of world-renowned Swedish dreadlock salon Seienstyle in order to expand my knowledge of dreadlock making and to learn new techniques and I am proud to say that I am a Seienstyle affiliate. This means that I have completed the highest level of training, comprising of countless hours of coursework, training and multiple hair models - it is the most intensive and comprehensive dreadlock training programme in the world.


Additionally, in June 2019 I travelled to Stockholm, Sweden in order to spend two days working one-to-one with Ann-Marie in her salon in Sweden as well as attend a two-day workshop with the wider Seienstyle community to learn more about all aspects of both natural and synthetic dreadlock creation, maintenance and aftercare. I am extremely passionate about learning all that I can about dreadlocks so that I can provide you with high quality work that looks amazing from day one.

As part of my dreadlock education, I have also completed in-person training with Hypknotic Transformations, one half of the talented team making up BeeJam, who run accredited dreadlock technician courses around the UK for aspiring locticians. This training provided me with a fantastic grounding in the essentials of dreadlock creation and extension. I am also extremely excited to be taking part in the pilot group for the Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist course run by Dreadshop in late 2019. 

 It's incredible just how transformative the experience of having dreadlocks has been for me and I find it to be such an honour to be able to help others along their own personal journeys through the creation and upkeep of beautiful dreadlocks. I believe that the dreadlock process has so much to offer you in terms of personal growth and development, providing lessons in patience and helping you to align your internal and external versions of yourself on a deeper level. I hold a first-class BSc (Hons) degree in psychology with counselling and have a strong interest in positive psychology. In both my academic and real-world experience, a significant change such as getting dreadlocks can be a pivotal moment of positive change in your life and a moment worthy of both celebration and reflection.

Above all, I want to make the experience of getting dreadlocks as comfortable and satisfying as possible for you. It's truly an honour to be considered to help you along on your dreadlock journey.